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Adding Attachments

Adding Attachments for documentation to your page.

The business owner has the possibility to upload any files and they will be visible on business listing details page.

Usually .pdf and .jpg files are preferable and universal to upload and for customers to easily view.

Examples are:

  • Applications
  • Forms
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Charts

and any type of documentation the customer can view or print.

Click the BROWSE button and select the document on your device or machine. You will see the file title name appear, click upload. Once uploaded you need to SAVE the entire listing to add it to your public page.

NOTE: The title of the document will show on your page for viewing. It is recommended you have a title that the viewer can understand.

Acceptable: workorder-form.pdf

Not Acceptable: imgs3kmf85kjv8fjg.pdf










With a Go Pro Business plan, we can convert documentation to proper formats and upload them for you, no problem.




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