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Adding Images

 Adding your logo and images to your page offers the customer insight on your work, service and quality craftsmanship.

Businesses who add images receive a higher ratio of calls and inquiries.

Add image to represent your listing;

A single image that represents your company, usually a logo. Your logo may be seen on many pages of PalmCoastContractors.com. We have predefined the aspect radio for each one but you only need a single image size to upload.

For a perfect displayed logo use size 478 x 358 px. We will resize your logo for a perfect fit with our Go Pro Business plan.














Company Pictures

You can upload pictures and set a description for them in this section. To upload a picture simply click the Browse button and choose the desired picture by navigating through your content.

With our Go Pro Business plan, we will resize any photo's for a more uniform gallery and best viewing.




You can remove any image by clicking the red button and saving your page.

We encourage you to rotate and change your gallery photos to add new projects or products to keep it fresh and new.

With our Go Pro Business plan, we will remove and add photos for you. Just email us the photos. Easy!