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        Local Contractor Directory for Flagler County, Florida

Our goal is to save the consumer time in finding a qualified contractor or home service.

Our directory of trusted Palm Coast Contractors and home services has been developed in partnership with local legitimate businesses to provide you with confidence when employing tradesmen for services in your home or business.

Companies and individuals listed on the directory have been thoroughly prescreened, all must adhere to local, state and federal laws and only act in a fair, honest and professional way with the highest standards of workmanship they are able to provide.

Not every contractor, tradesman or business is required to be state licensed, therefore it may be confusing to home owners. That is why we designed Palm Coast Contractors to inform you of each contractors required license. Each business listing will show the required license.

You can review each contractor's information and send them a contact request without having to register. The contractor you contact does not pay us a lead fee to receive your request.

Other national directories pretend to be local but charge the contractor upwards of 70.00 to collect your request (lead fee). If you do not hire that contractor they still pay the fee. A contractor who pays less for gaining business can offer better pricing.

You can register on PalmCoastContractors.com to leave reviews or testimonials . If you have an issue with a contractor we encourage you make an attempt to resolve the issue with the company before leaving an unsatisfactory review. No business, person or contractor is perfect and mistakes are made. It's the follow-up and resolution that is important.

PalmCoastContractors.com is local owned and operated.

Search for a home service to maintain your homes curb appeal

These Palm Coast and Flagler County business already know your neighborhood and have references available upon request. PalmCoastContractors.com is adding new local business weekly, so come back often to check when you need an exterior home project done.



Check List before you start a major project

Home improvement, home renovation, or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to your home . Home improvement can be projects that upgrade an existing home interior, exterior, or other improvements to the property.

In these instances, choosing the right contractor or home improvement company is important. Researching and asking questions will guide you to the right decision.

  • Are they licensed according to the regulations of Palm Coast, Flagler County and the State of Florida?

  • Are they properly insured if unexpected damage occurs to your home, yard or outdoor structures?

  • Do they carry workers compensation in case someone is hurt or injured while performing work on your property?

  • Call your Homeowners or Property Insurance company to see if you are covered for injury on your property. Get all the limits and exclusions. If you do not have this feature, ask if you can add it and wait for the effective date before work begins. This step is not a requirement but a safety net to protect your investment and home.

  • Do your online research for reviews, recommendations and ask your friends and neighbors if they have any experience with the company your have selected.

  • What is the deposit or retainer they are requesting? Does it seem fair? Or perhaps too high? If you feel it's too high, ask the business to explain and to give a line items cost sheet to you so you may understand.

These are few helpful tips to guide you through your home improvement.

PalmCoastContractors.com does not make any representations that the business listed in our directory are fully licensed and insured. When they sign up, we validate their current license that is required by Palm Coast, Flagler County and The State of Florida. This does not mean that during their online presence their license was not renewed or had expired. Our goal is to check each business license once a quarter for your peace of mind.

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