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        Safe and Secure Contractor Directory for Flagler County, Florida

Our Safe and Secure Directory of trusted Palm Coast Contractors and traders has been developed in partnership with local legitimate business to provide you with confidence when employing tradesmen for jobs in your home.

Companies and individuals listed on the directory have been thoroughly vetted, must adhere to local, state and federal laws and only act in a fair, honest and professional way with the highest standards of workmanship they are able to provide.

Not every contractor, trademan or business is required to be state licensed, therefore it may be cofusing to home owners. That is why we designed Palm Coast Contractors to inform you of each contractors required license and added them to each contractors business information, giving you a helping hand in your research.

You can review each contractor's information and send them a contact request without having to register. The contractor you contact does not pay any extra to receive your request. Other national directories pretend to be local but charage the contractor upwards of 70.00 or more to collect your request. If you do not hire that contractor they are out the money. We don't think that is fair or right, so they pay no additional fee's for your request. Wow! Unheard of!

You can register on to leave reviews or a testimonial on the service or product. If you have an issue with a contractor we encourage you to try to resolve the issue with the company before leaving an unsatisfactory review. If the contractor is able to resolve your issue, tell us about that too. No business, person or contractor is perfect and mistakes are made. It's the follow-up and resolution that is important.

When you register, we may on occassion send you info on what's going on or ask how your experience was. We promise to respect your privancy and guard your information. is local owned and operated. We sincerly hope you choose to support a local business first by using