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Zelle Under Fire For Not Protecting Customers For Fraud Scams

You've likely heard of Zelle and might have even used it. Zelle is the largest peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer app, enabling instant transfers between individuals or bank accounts. However, you might not know who owns Zelle, the extent of fraud associated with it, and why users have limited protection when money is stolen.
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From Florida Scenic Highway to Jimmy Buffett Memorial: A1A turns parrothead in Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis on Thursday, June 27 2024 signed bills to honor the late singer Jimmy Buffett by designating Florida's A1A as the “Jimmy Buffett Memorial Highway” and creating a “Margaritaville” specialty license plate. Flagler County and Floridians, which loves our Parrothead Jimmy Buffett are celebrating.

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Flagler County Gets Big NO from Gov. Ron DeSantis

Flagler County faces setback after setback, with the latest blow delivered by none other than Governor Ron DeSantis.
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Plug-in Air Fresheners are Killing Your Smell; And Other Dangers

Lurking within these seemingly innocent fragrances is a hidden menace that could be poisoning your health, the health of  families, pets, and even unborn children.

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Why does my A/C drain line get clogged? Palm Coast Local AC Company

A condensate drain line blockage refers to a situation where the drain line of an air conditioning system becomes obstructed, preventing the proper drainage of condensate water.

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